Documenting my career change into tech… one class, one seminar, one book at a time.

About, B.Miller

The monotony is slowing killing me. My name is Brian Miller, a soon to be 30 year old working in a – dead end, going nowhere, fall asleep at the keyboard while transferring “funds” and now have a black eye – banking position which… I hate.

I don’t want to get into it to much cause I still work there. But hopefully that’s about to change.Recently, I was having lunch with a friend, Bryan Delaney, VP of Skookum Digital Works at RiRa’s in uptown Charlotte, NC.  I had been thinking about going back to school for awhile, this lunch is where it all began. Bryan was my inside man, and we were meeting to throw around tech career ideas.  After talking about SXSW, Charlotte’s growing tech scene, meetups, & tech groups.  B.Dizz(Delaney) suggested: “You should start a blog about your career change, we eat that kind of shit up!”

He didn’t need to say anything more. I started thinking… I had taught myself basic HTML back in h.s. & had a huge personal webpage I updated everyday, complete with a coded streaming webcam! It got tons of hits. More than likely due to the fact I plugged it into all the ranked based cam websites that moved you up & down their list – not to mention it was driven completely by an underlying gay theme I was completely unaware of, but that’s beside the point! I got traffic, and I wrote every line of code myself.  I have tried taking up blogging here and there.  Had moments in time when I wrote everyday in a Livejournal.  But I got bored probably beacuse it was more documenting my mundane activities sans any real purpose. A blog tracing my adventures changing careers in my thirties into something I have always loved, now that was something different.

Meanwhile, back at lunch with Delaney, I snapped back to the conversation. Only in my mind the blog had already begun. So, here I am documenting my week to week as I seek and discover a new job in the industry I always wanted to be in.  My next move I will be trying to find an academic program I want to go back for.

Is it worth it? Can I self teach myself most of what I want to learn? What books/blogs should I read? The list continues…

I will be networking on every level trying to meet people in the industry. Start-ups! I hope to get engaged in some local start-ups to add some work experience. SXSW is on my radar in March as well as a possible trip out to Silicon Valley to hang with some industry insiders.

It’s hour 1, day 1. Right now I am still working my current job.  No work experience, and not enrolled in any classes.  Know very few people, where will it all end up?  Well, we’ll see.


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